Sacred Lake in the Himalayas, Nepal Reviews

Sacred lake in the Himalayas,Nepal

My journey to the Holy lake of Gosaikunda. Situated at 4380m in the Langtang region in Nepal, it is a beautiful walk through forests and alpine landscape surrounded by the high mountains.

Writing this in mid-May, 2018, it has been almost 2 months since i have returned from the trek to Gosaikunda, a holy alpine lake situated in the Langtang region in Nepal at 4380m. And my heart still skips a beat reminiscing about the first view of snow and floating mist at Lauribena, the last stop before you reach the high lake. I had trekked in Ladakh last year but had not trekked in Nepal. And i live in Kathmandu! So i had my heart set out to do a high altitude trek in Nepal in 2018.  And when i got to know a departure for Gosaikunda Lake in April, 2018,  i immediately signed up.  And so glad i did! Positive feelings of belonging, resting your heart to the view of everlasting beauty,and coming close with nature have motivated me to trek again and again.