FAQs- Chadar Trek Experience
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Average walking distance is 10- 12 km each day and trekkers make it mostly in 5-7 hours. You will definitely enjoy it, don’t be disheartened. We try to reach the camp site by the afternoon everyday so that the rest of the day can be enjoyed at leisure.

Temperature in the day time usually hovers between -5 to -10 Degrees. A sunny day can make the environment warm as well due to the reflection of the sunrays from the ice. Temperatures till -38 degrees have been witnessed in the night time. It is quite warm inside the sleeping bag and tents but the psychological feeling of cold will be there. Cold winds or if your body part is wet ads to the feeling of cold. Temperature in Leh ranges between -10 to -15 deg C

Apart from the extreme cold and the glassy terrain, Chadar is not a difficult trek. There is hardly any gain in altitude. You would always be between 3400m to 3700m. Once you have acclimatized, you should not have any high altitude related problems on this trek. Next, the trek is not very rigorous. You do not have to be super fit to do this trek. All we are doing is walking carefully on ice with occasional crossings over rocks if the chadar is broken. Walking on ice is also something you will pick up pretty fast. Clients normally have problems adjusting to the penguin gait on the first day and do take a few falls. But from the second day itself you can see the confidence in their strides.

Trekking shoes is one of the most important things needed in any trek, so you have to be very careful before buying it. Recommended only high-ankle and waterproof shoes which are branded and are specifically designed for trekking purposes.Quechua, Zamberlan, Lafuma, Conquest and The North Face are some high quality brands dealing in High Altitude trekking shoes. Most of the local porters wear gumboots on the Chadar Trek which are easily available in Leh. This seems to be the most practical and inexpensive option for walking on ice. A lot of people do the whole trek with gumboots; however it is not easy walking in them all the time as they are not very comfortable. They come quite high up around your shin & sometimes people get severe rashes on the shin & blisters on their feet. We advise that you bring waterproof boots with you. Quechua has some good trekking boots which work well for Chadar too. Forclaz 500 is good enough. At times when Chadar does not freeze very well, we advise people to use gum boots. We use them only when it is required to wade through the water in which case the normal boots are no good. Gum Boots are easily available for cheap in Leh (Rs 400 to 500). 

Toilet tents will be pitched near the campsite. Do not forget to bring wet wipes and toilet kits.

We do not take more than 10 people in a group on the chadar trek.

We have a backup of support team with all the equipments required to take the patients back to Leh and keep the batch moving ahead. But this can only be done once. If any emergency, happens the second time with the same batch. The entire Batch will have to come back and stand together as a group. All emergency costs are to be borne by the person.