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There are three ways to reach Ladakh- a) you can take flight from Delhi to Leh from major airlines such as Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Indigo and Go Airlines. b) You can take road journeys either from Manali or Srinagar. It takes 2 day journey (474 kilometers) from Manali to Leh with a night stopover in Sarchu. On the other hand, Srinagar to Leh will take 2 days (434 kilometers) with a night halt at Kargil. All the roads remain open from May to October.

Some common symptoms of high altitude sickness include giddiness, loss of appetite, lack of sleep and difficulty in breathing. The best way to acclimatize in Ladakh is a natural rest for at least 48 hours, keep yourself well hydrated and & eat well. Even then it depends from person to person as to how long it takes to acclimatize before trekking in the Himalayas.

Anyone with an enthusiasm for the outdoors, different cultures and overseas travel and is prepared to be open minded and flexible. Our trips are fun and informal and attended by a wide range of people. We offer a range of trips which are all graded for difficulty to help you choose your holiday, if you would like advice please get in contact us at. You will always enjoy your trekking holiday in Ladakh better if you have a good level of fitness. Running, cardio vascular exercises or playing sports always helps.

Breakfast and Dinner during the stay will be at the hotel/resort that we stay in. It is mixture of local, continental and comfort food. Lunch is usually on the go at the local restaurant or packed, as we will be in the field.

There are various price points in Ladakh for accommodations. From homestay/guesthouses to boutique hotels to luxury hotels and camps, travelers can pick and choose according to the budget. We usually choose  A class and luxury hotels with their facilities and services comparable to any 3-4 star hotel. Hotels in Ladakh are designed with traditional architecture of the region and feature good sized rooms equipped with modern amenities. 

On this outdoor photography holiday, we will be constantly at an altitude of more than 3500m. Therefore, it is essential that you acclimatize well in order to make the best of the week. You will be advised by the UFO guide and mentor to rest and keep your body hydrated as much as possible on the first day of arrival. Your oxygen levels will be monitored from time to time to check on the level of acclimatization. There is fair bit of walking to be done every day, and we would encourage you to do a bit of walking/running and breathing exercises to enjoy this photography adventure to the maximum.

There is no level of restrictions and anyone with a camera and a genuine interest in photography are welcome to join our Hemis Festival photography tour. If you have no camera and no interest in photography, you are welcome nonetheless. We will be more than happy to have your spouse,partner, friend or family join us on this holiday.

We will guide you as to what personal gear and camera equipment you should be carrying to capture the best images at the stunning locations we have for you. The UFO mentor has prepared a curriculum which we will try to follow. However, the UFO mentor can change the curriculum according to his or her perspective as and when the situation may arise.

Camera Lens - A wide angle (17-40/ 35/ 24-105 or any other that you may already have)

50 MM lens

Battery charger with Spare batteries - please keep in mind that batteries drain faster in the cold and we may not have access to electricity at all times)

Battery Pack (not necessary)

Camera Cleaning equipment

CF cards/ SD cards

Hard Disk for back up