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Adventure Bucket List 2018

Adventure Bucket List 2018

We list down some adventure holidays you need to add to your bucket list for 2018. Read on!

It is indeed exhilarating to plan the incredible holiday that has the power to inspire you. The best way to do it is to make a travel calendar, plan your travels ahead and be well-prepared for the stunning adventures across the world that await you. If you’re on the lookout for breathtaking holidays that you can include in your next 12 months plan, here is an exciting list of holidays for you. You can plan these incredible journeys that range from an unforgettable exploration trip across Jordanian desert valleys and ancient ruins, to experiencing tribal culture at the Hornbill Festival, Nagaland or climb the Roof of Africa', Mt. Kilimanjaro. If that makes you curious, take cue from this adventure bucket list which you can tick in 2018. Plan your adrenaline filled adventure now!

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

First on the list is the Roof of Africa,  Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. This 5895 metre peak of a dormant volcano lies in northern Tanzania near the Kenya border and summiting the peak is definitely a must-have experience for mountain and outdoor lovers across the world. There are various routes to climb to the highest point in Africa. However, we would suggest the Lemosho Route (West), Machame Route (south) or Rongai Route (East). These three trails provide ample time to acclimatize and are popular with climbers. On all trails leading to this daunting peak, the landscape changes at the blink of the eye. During this surreal experience you cross the cultivated lowlands, the African rainforests, the vast expanse of alpine desert to reach the arctic summit. If you’re on a hunt for reliable Kilimanjaro tour packages online, opt for one that provides reliable English-speaking guides, clean accommodation, private group toilets and an efficient crew to make this trip memorable for you.

 Walk The Surreal Living Root Bridges In Meghalaya, India

Journey to the 'Abode in the Clouds', Meghalaya, ranks among the best Indian adventure holidays. Topping the list of things to do on most of the Meghalaya tour packages is the trek to the living root bridges and this goes straight to our bucket list. The journey from Shillong to the single root bridge at Nong Thynmai Village and the double decker root bridge in Nongriat is a stunning experience of traversing the winding roads shrouded in the mysterious mist. Descending down the 3000 stairs to reach the Nongriat Village is indeed a great hiking experience in India. These single and double decker bridges are made out of rubber trees that have been operational for hundreds of years and are used by villagers to cross streams and rivers. A trip to this quaint spot in Meghalaya can be your introduction to the impressive ingenuity of the local Khasi community. 

Trek to Petra- The Ancient Rose Red City Of Jordan

Are you looking for an exclusive trail that promises a magical week of exploration taking you back into time? Your search ends here. The trek to Petra, the 'Rose city' of Jordan, is a bucket-list experience that promises a unique walking and scrambling holiday in the arid desert valleys. There are various routes through the many canyons and valleys to Petra . The trek from Dana Reserve is truly breathtaking and you can also club it with hiking in Wadi Rum. The first one takes you through the desert plains with red-ochre sandstone cliffs of  Wadi Rum while the Dana route takes you through the edge of the Great Rift Valley. Both the routes are counted among some of the finest trekking trails in the world considering the marvelous sights they offer. The destination of this journey is a magnificent 2300 year old rock-hewn city of Petra, which is considered one of the wonders of the world.

Feel The Chill Of Ladakh During Winter

Trekking and tours in Ladakh during winters is an adventure that not many people sign up for. The streets of Leh where cars run nose to tail during summers, are a silent paradise during the extreme winters of Ladakh. During these quiet winter months a number of monastic festivals are celebrated like the Stok Guru Tsechu festival, 20 kms south of the Leh City, hosted at the Stok Village. These colorful Buddhist festivals are ideal location for a spellbinding photography tour in Ladakh during winters. Travellers get a chance to witness the traditions of the stunning land of Ladakh, visit the nearby Brokpa villages of Dah and Hanu and drive to frozen Pangong Tso. This is indeed one of the best outdoor photography tours in India which gives an opportunity to photography enthusiasts to capture the unspoilt beauty of Leh in the peak of winters.

Discover Nagaland During The Hornbill Festival

The month of December is the time for all the 16 tribes of Nagaland to come together to celebrate the Hornbill Festival. The festival usually starts on 1st December and on the following days artists from across the state flock down to the Kisama Heritage Village. From lip-smacking Naga delicacies from various tribes to local music concerts, Hornbill Festival does indeed brings together the best of Naga cultural diversity. On this Nagaland Hornbill Experience, you also get a chance to camp at nearby Dzukou Valley, surrounded by Japfu and Dzukou rivers. To visit Nagaland at the best time of the year, you need to plan it now.

Chase The Elusive Snow Leopard

One of the most elusive wildlife experiences awaits you at Ladakh during winters. During these months of harsh cold climate, the snow leopards come to the regions near the low lying valleys chasing the wild Bharals. These beautiful creatures are highly endangered and are found only in the highlands of the Central and Southern Asia. Rumbak and Ulley Valley are a good spots where you can start this adventure. Ulley has recently been a  stunning spot where three valleys interlock and according to the last census, has an approximate population of 8-12 snow leopards. Spending a few days at Rumbak or Ulley is a remarkable insight into the lives of the Ladakhi people during the cold winter months while chasing the ghost of the Himalayas could be an unforgettable experience that should be in every adventurer's bucket list.

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