Secret Way to Petra, Jordan Reviews

Secret Way to Petra, Jordan

Jordan is one of the most thrilling and stunning destinations and Petra one of the wonders of the modern world. Read on as we take you through a secret route to Petra, a path not tread by everyone.

The sun pierced through the hat as drops of sweat formed on my forehead. The dry arid atmosphere was making me thirsty, so i stopped to take a swig of my water bottle. As I quenched my thirst, i turned around to check out the landscape behind. The wide expanse of Wadi Araba with its rocky desert golden hue greeted me. Warm happiness flowed through, as I smiled to myself taking in the view. Jordan had always been on my bucket list with Petra, Wadi Rum and Dead Sea on my places to visit in Jordan. But this was something else! This was even better. A secret way to Petra, the ancient 1st century BC Nabatean city !  We were 3 days into our 90 km trek, a group of 8 with Americans, Scottish, English and an Indian in the mix.  Jordan's Dana to Petra trek has been described as the 'Inca Trail of the Middle East' and has been voted as one of the best hikes in the world by National Geographic and it was certainly living up to the billing.

We had started our hike at Dana Biosphere Reserve, which is protected by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature and is the largest reserve in the Hashemite Kingdom.  As we moved down the valley, the landscape changed while walking along the  edge of the Great Rift valley which stretches from Middle East to Africa up to Mozambique. Crossing Wadi Feinan, we came across the ancient Roman copper mines said to be from the times of King Solomon. Water and the proximity of water  is the most important factor in this arid region. Our guide explained to us an ancient water ducts and the waterways through the canyons feeding into the desert. It was pretty astonishing how the 1000 year old water ways were feeding into ducts through the valley eons ago.